Welcome to Parnell Electric LLC

Providing Las Vegas and surrounding areas with high quality commercial, industrial and residential electrical services. Through our experience we’ve learned that the key to success is from customer satisfaction. With a high level of work ethics and customer care, we have been able to do more work, through a growing number of return customers. It is our goal to make sure any new customer, becomes a return customer. And every return customer, has another great working experience, that reminds them of why they come back for our services.


At Parnell Electric we understand the challenges of the economy that’s why we strive to work hard for low-cost alternatives with the most energy efficient products and updated technology you can find. We continue to advance in electrical technology and electrical products.


Office Phone #: (702) 632-0892
Office Fax#: (702) 632-0639

2911 Meade Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

Nevada Contractors License #75858 C-2 Electrical Classification
Bid Limit $4,200,000